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Dear Melburnian Commuters,

Let me paint you a picture.

It’s 5.30 PM and you’ve just clocked off work after a hard day.

You’re tired, hungry and not looking forward to being crammed on the train for the next half an hour.

You make it to the station and ‘tap on’ only to be told that your Myki balance is not enough for you to make the journey.

You look to the one available top up machine and there are already 40 people in line waiting to use it.

You miss the train, you’re late to dinner and your partner isn’t happy because they think you’ve popped into the bar for a drink on the way home.

Annoying right?

I’m not trying to anger you, I’m writing to you to let you know, I have the answer.

My name is Myki Plus and I’m a free app for Android. I’ve been created to make your life easier. So what do I do that can help with your predicament?

I send you notifications for when your pass is expiring or your balance is low.

I let you quickly and easily view your balance and pass details.

You can simply tap your myki onto your NFC enabled phone to view the details

I’ll let you see your myki details directly on your home screen with a neat widget.

Pretty cool, huh? I’m made for Melburnians by Melburnians and I’m here to help.


All your myki details right at your finger tips!

Myki Details

Quickly and easily view your balance and pass details


Reminders for when your pass is expiring or your balance is low

NFC Enabled

Simply tap your myki onto your NFC enabled phone to view the details


See your myki details directly on your home screen

Android app on Google Play



Do I need to register my myki to use Myki Plus?

Yes. Your myki must be registered with at in order to use this application.

Can I top up using Myki Plus?

Not at this time, however PayPal top ups is a feature that we would love to add in the near future! Stay tuned!

Is Myki Plus secure?

Yes. Your myki login details are encrypted on your device and transmitted using a secure HTTPS connection.

What do I get for upgrading?

Upgrading allows you to use premium features, such as multiple myki cards, NFC and Widgets.

Is Myki Plus affiliated with Public Transport Victoria?

Myki Plus is not affiliated with Public Transport Victoria. If you have questions or problems relating to your myki card or account, please visit or phone 1800 800 007

How do I get multiple mykis to display?

Please register your multiple myki passes at Once they appear on the site they should also appear in Myki Plus.

Does Myki Plus use NFC to read the balance directly from my myki?

No, all the information on your myki is encrypted. Instead, Myki Plus displays the information retrieved from the myki website. This may mean there is a delay between when you touch on and when your balance is updated.

Something else not working for you?

Contact us and we will help you out as soon as possible!


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